Building Lego Big Ben: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lego Big Ben is a popular set among Lego enthusiasts. It consists of over 4,000 pieces and can be built into an impressive replica of the iconic London landmark. In this article, we will explore how to build your own Lego Big Ben step by step.

Gather Your Supplies:

The first thing you need to do when building your own Lego Big Ben is gather all the necessary supplies. You will need at least 4,000 pieces in order to complete the project as well as some basic tools such as scissors or tweezers for removing small parts from their packaging. Additionally, it may also be helpful to have a few extra hands around during assembly so that someone can help hold pieces together while they are being connected.

Sort Out Pieces By Color & Type:

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, it’s time to start sorting out all the individual pieces by color and type (bricks vs plates). This process helps make sure that no piece gets lost or misplaced during construction which could lead to delays down the road if not taken care of beforehand.

Start Building The Base Structure:

Now that everything has been sorted out properly, it’s time to begin constructing the base structure of your model using bricks and plates in various colors depending on what design you want for your final product. Assemble these components carefully but firmly until you reach a stable foundation upon which further details can be added later on without any issues arising due to weak connections between parts already put together before moving onto more complex sections like turrets and clock faces etcetera..

Add Finishing Touches To Complete The Model:

Once most of the main body has been constructed with its respective towers/turrets etc., then comes adding those smaller finishing touches like windowsills/doorsill frames along with other decorative elements such as flags or banners if desired – just remember though; don’t forget about connecting them securely too! Finally once done here one last check should always take place making sure nothing was missed before finally declaring victory over completing this amazing feat!

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Conclusion :

Building LEGO Big Ben requires patience and attention but ultimately results in an incredibly detailed replica of one of London’s most famous landmarks – perfect for display purposes either inside or outside! With careful planning throughout each stage plus following our guide above anyone should now feel confident enough tackling even larger projects than ever imagined possible before starting off on this journey today…

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