An Analysis of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is a popular young adult novel by Becky Albertalli that tells the story of a teenage boy named Simon who struggles to come out as gay in his small town while also trying to keep his online relationship with another closeted teen secret from everyone around him. In this article, we will analyze how themes such as identity, acceptance, and love are explored throughout the book and what impact they have on its characters.

Themes Explored:

– Identity: Throughout the book, readers see Simon grapple with questions about his own identity as he tries to figure out who he really is and where he fits into society’s expectations for him. He eventually comes to terms with being gay but still has difficulty accepting himself fully until later in the story when he finds support from those around him.

 – Acceptance: The theme of acceptance runs through much of the novel as well; both within Simon’s family circle and among his peers at school there are varying levels of understanding or lack thereof regarding homosexuality which leads to some difficult conversations between characters throughout their journey together towards greater understanding and tolerance for one another’s differences.

 – Love: Finally, love is an important part of this story too; not only does it show us how powerful romantic relationships can be even when faced with adversity (such as homophobia) but also demonstrates how strong platonic friendships can be just as meaningful if not more so than any other kind of connection two people might share together regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


In conclusion, Albertalli’s work offers an insightful exploration into topics like identity formation, acceptance, and love through her vivid characterization and thoughtful narrative style that allows readers to connect deeply with each character’s individual experiences along their respective journeys towards self-discovery and growth over time despite all odds stacked against them due to societal pressures surrounding sexuality today.

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