What is Jack Ciattarelli’s Net Worth?

Jack Ciattarelli is an American politician who has served in the New Jersey Assembly since 2012. He was a candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 2021 and ran on a platform focused on fiscal responsibility, economic growth, and job creation. As such, many people are interested to know what his net worth is. In this article we will explore how much money Jack Ciattarelli has accumulated over the years and where it comes from.

Sources of Income:

The primary source of income for Jack Ciattarelli comes from his political career as he currently serves as a member of the New Jersey Assembly representing District 16 which includes parts of Somerset County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Hunterdon County and Warren County. Additionally he also owns several businesses including Ciatttrelli & Associates LLC which provides consulting services related to government affairs and public policy; JCI Consulting Inc., which offers marketing strategy advice; The Health Care Group LLC that specializes in health care reform advocacy; and E-Z Tax Solutions LLC providing tax preparation services.

Net Worth Estimate:

According to Celebritynetworths estimates based on publicly available information about Mr.Ciatterellis assets , investments ,and earnings ,his current estimated net worth stands at around $2 million dollars . This figure does not include any potential future earnings or inheritances that may come his way during his lifetime .


In conclusion , Jack Ciattarelli’s net worth can be estimated at approximately $2 million dollars due primarily to his successful political career combined with various business ventures throughout the years . While this number could change depending upon any additional sources of income or expenses incurred by him going forward , it gives us an idea into just how well off Mr. Ciaterrelli truly is today .

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