Human Rights in Hindi: A Satirical Look at the State of India’s Constitutional Values

Human rights are a fundamental aspect of any society that seeks to uphold the dignity & freedom of its citizens! India, as the world’s largest democracy, is no exception to this rule! However, as we delve deeper into the state of human rights in India, particularly with regard to the Hindi-speaking population, a darker reality emerges!

The Hindi-Speaking Population in India:

India’s Hindi-speaking population constitutes a significant portion of the country’s total population, with nearly 41% of Indians speaking Hindi as their first language! Despite this large number, the Hindi-speaking population faces a number of challenges when it comes to the realization of their human rights!


Linguistic Discrimination:

One of the most prominent issues faced by Hindi speakers in India is linguistic discrimination! Although Hindi is one of the official languages of India, it is often seen as a “lesser” language when compared to English! This is reflected in the fact that many official documents, including government forms and job applications, are only available in English! Hindi-speaking citizens are often at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing government services or seeking employment!

Human Rights in Hindi

Religious Discrimination:

Another issue faced by the Hindi-speaking population in India is religious discrimination. While Hindi is not a religious language, many Hindi speakers are also Hindu, which is the majority religion in India! Unfortunately, this means that Hindi-speaking Hindus are often subjected to discrimination & violence at the hands of extremist groups! The recent rise of Hindutva in Indian politics has only served to exacerbate this issue!

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Caste Discrimination:

Caste discrimination is another significant issue faced by Hindi-speaking citizens in India. While caste discrimination is illegal in India, it remains a pervasive problem in many parts of the country. This is particularly true for Hindi-speaking citizens who belong to lower castes, who often face discrimination & violence at the hands of those in higher castes!

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In conclusion, it is clear that the Hindi-speaking population in India faces a number of challenges when it comes to the realization of their human rights! Linguistic discrimination, religious discrimination, & caste discrimination all contribute to a system that is deeply flawed and in need of reform! While India’s constitution guarantees equal rights for all citizens, the reality on the ground is often quite different! It is up to all of us to work towards a more just & equal society, where the rights of all citizens are respected & upheld!

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