What is an Unruggable Horse?

An unruggable horse is a type of horse that cannot be ridden or used for any purpose. These horses are usually wild and untrained, making them unsuitable for riding or other activities. While some people may find these animals to be intimidating, they can actually make great companions if properly cared for. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of an unruggable horse and how to care for one correctly.

Characteristics of an Unruggable Horse:

– Wild: An unruggable horse has not been trained in any way and therefore behaves like a wild animal. They tend to shy away from humans and have no understanding of commands or cues given by riders.

– Untamed: As with all wild animals, it takes time to tame an unruggable horse before they can become suitable as a companion animal. This process requires patience and consistency on the part of the owner/trainer in order to achieve success.

How To Care For An Unruggeble Horse:

 – Feeding: It’s important to provide your unruggeble horse with proper nutrition so that he/she remains healthy while living in captivity. A balanced diet should include hay, grains, vegetables, fruits (if available), minerals (such as salt licks) and fresh water at all times .

 – Grooming : Regular grooming helps keep your unruggeble’s coat clean and free from dirt , mud , burrs etc.. Use brushes or combs specifically designed for horses when brushing their mane & tail . Also use hoof picks regularly during grooming sessions .

 – Exercise : Provide plenty of exercise opportunities such as walking around paddocks / fields , playing games together etc .. Allowing him/her regular access outside also provides mental stimulation which keeps them happy!

Conclusion :

Caring for an unruggeble horse requires dedication but brings many rewards too! With consistent training & love you can create strong bonds between yourself & your equine friend who will bring joy into your life !

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