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A web portal for labs. health. kerala. gov. in provides information about the health system of Kerala. It is operated by the Department of Health and Family Welfare and is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The web portal can be used to download the Covid report and careers at labs.

Covid report

The Kerala state government has announced the launch of the Lab Diagnosis Management System (LDMS) in its hospitals. The new system will provide patients with test results online and through mobile phone apps. The objective of the new system is to provide at least 100000 covid-19 tests in the state and to monitor covid cases in real-time.

The new system has sparked a controversy, with the KGMOA and Private Lab Owners Association expressing concerns over the system. According to the association, the new system has increased Covid-19 test positivity rates. However, the KGMOA has decided to make representation to the government on this issue. It has demanded that the Covid-19 test results be updated daily.

In Kerala, the Covid Test Positivity Rate is 25%, indicating that 1 in every 4 people tested is affected by the disease. This means that the number of cases in the state is expected to double every five days. The state government is taking necessary measures to curb the outbreak, including implementing a Mini Lockdown to reduce infection rates. has a labrys. health system

Currently, has a labrys. a health system that enables health professionals to test samples for infectious diseases. More than 20,000 tests are carried out in the state, but fewer than a quarter of them are registered. This is because of the complicated process of registering tests, and many private laboratories have stopped updating their data.

As part of the state’s effort to combat the spread of diseases, the state government of Kerala has implemented a disease surveillance system called Covid19. This system helps in quickly presenting disease-spreading data and reports. It also helps in monitoring and controlling disease outbreaks.

The new system has triggered complaints from private laboratories and the Kerala government medical officers association. The new system is causing an increase in Covid-19 testing positivity rates. A senior official from the health department has defended the system, saying it was introduced overnight.

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Careers at labs.

If you’re interested in microelectronics and microfabrication, then you might be interested in a career with Labs. This company provides microfabrication and microelectronics technology to universities, industry, and government. It also develops new products and applications for its customers.

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