Forex Winners – How to Trade Forex Like a Winner

There are many different methods you can use to trade forex. These include Suivant la tendance, Swing trading, and adaptation of the Donchian strategy. These strategies can all be profitable in their way. However, it is important to find a system that suits you. This isn’t always easy, but it’s possible to make money trading forex.

Strategie de trading

Forex winners strategy is one of the trading systems that can be used to trade currencies. The strategy is based on a trend-following trading system that uses a Parabolic Sar and double filter trend envelopes to eliminate false signals. This strategy can be used for day trading or even for Binary Options high/low trading. This strategy is an improved version of the Forex pips striker V.2 and uses indicators such as a Parabolic Sar dot below the price.

While the strategy might be popular among some traders, it is not suitable for beginners. It relies on a small number of indicators and only works on a 15-minute chart. It may work well in trending markets but can give confusing signals in sideways ranges.

Suivant la tendance

Suivant la tendance in forex trading strategy involves tracking a trend over some time. This can be done manually or by using indicators. The first step in this strategy is to identify the trend. The price movement of a particular asset usually follows a trend. This means that trading against the trend will likely result in a loss.

Traders should take a look at several markets to determine the best time to enter and exit a trade. This will help them to reduce their losses and improve their profitability.

Swing trading

Trading involves taking advantage of the daily fluctuations of the market. There are different types of trading strategies, but the most rentable one is Swing Trading. This strategy requires the trader to be aggressive when detecting good opportunities. The goal of the strategy is to win enough money to balance out the inevitable losses.

Swing trading requires the trader to spend a significant amount of time studying different stocks and gaining technical analysis skills. But if done correctly, it is possible to earn attractive profits over a long period. If you’ve never traded before, sign up for an account at a broker that offers a free 300-dollar deposit.

Adaptation of Donchian strategy

If you’re a fan of trading with a trend, you might want to consider adapting the Donchian strategy. Developed by Richard Donchian, this strategy combines a moving average and a technical indicator to help you find the best trading opportunities. Donchian was a pioneer in managed futures and later helped create the model for mutual funds in the U.S. Donchian is also the creator of the turtle trading system, which has become widely used.

A Donchian trading system uses a four or five-week moving average line as its reference point. The basic strategy involves waiting for a price breakout point.


The forex market can be risky and a stop loss strategy can help you avoid losses. A forex trading strategy involves identifying entry and exit orders by looking at the magnitude of a price movement. To use the strategy, you must first determine the levels of support and resistance on the graph of price. These levels are called the Fibonacci levels.

To be successful in forex trading, you need to know the right strategy. Since forex prices are inherently unstable, you must be able to determine the right time to enter and exit a position. A good forex strategy makes it easy to do so.

Trading instruments to exploit au mieux your strategie

Traders need to be knowledgeable of the different types of financial instruments to profitably trade. Some instruments provide fixed returns and others are more volatile, meaning that the returns fluctuate based on outside factors. These factors can include interest rates, trends, and the performance of an asset. Variable gain instruments offer more scope for better gains but also higher risks. Popular instruments include stocks, forex, gold, and futures. Traders can leverage the volatility of an asset to buy at a low price or sell high to make a bigger profit.

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Maintaining a discipline in trading

One of the most important elements of successful trading is maintaining discipline. This means sticking to your plan and not allowing yourself to get distracted by emotions. Trading can be a risky endeavor, and trading without a plan will end up costing you money in the long run. To remain disciplined, you need to practice self-control, set a schedule, and follow your stop-loss orders.

Traders who can maintain discipline can avoid the pitfalls that plague others. Trading is an art and requires the mathematical as well as artistic sides of the brain. Practicing yoga, meditation, and taking quiet walks in the park can help improve your trading performance.

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