Coldplay and BTS Collaborate on “My Universe”

Coldplay and BTS collaborated on this song, which has become a super hit. The song is a love song, and fans are still going crazy for it three months after it was released. Whether you like BTS or Coldplay, you’ll love these songs. You can get your hands on them in the links below.

Chris Martin

Coldplay and BTS collaborated on a new track “My Universe.” The electro-pop tune has English and Korean lyrics and features lyrics that highlight love and acceptance. The chorus is sung in English, while the verses are sung in Korean. Both versions convey similar messages but have different meanings.

“My Universe” was pre-released by Coldplay and K-pop group BTS. In anticipation of the song’s release, the two artists held a special performance of it at the Apollo Theater as part of SiriusXM’s and Pandora’s Small Stage Series. Chris Martin sang alongside his bandmates, with BTS singing their verses in Korean.


Coldplay and BTS have teamed up for a song that is sure to make your mind spin. Both groups have individually broken charts and made numerous hit albums, but their collaboration in “My Universe” is a unique take on their sound. Here are some of the lyrics from the song. If you like this song, you might also like:

The song’s lyrics focus on love, but at the same time reflect on the dark moments of love, including the unnamed differences between the two. The chorus re-occurs several times, but the track shifts a bit when J-Hope and SUGA start to rap the lyrics.


“My Universe” is a song by British rock band Coldplay. It is a collaboration with the South Korean boy band BTS. It was released on 24 September 2021 and accompanied by a lyric video. It is the band’s first collaboration with BTS. The song features English and Korean vocals. The song is about the epiphany planet in the Spheres’ solar system.

The song was a big hit, reaching number one in Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. It was also a top-five hit in Canada, Ireland, and South Korea. The song also topped the charts in twelve other countries.


The Coldplay song ‘My Universe’ features a space-themed lyric video. The song features handwritten lyrics in English and Korean, with the song title written in the fictional planet Spheric. The visualizer, which can be viewed on Coldplay’s YouTube channel, was created by Pilar Zeta and her creative team.

Music video

Coldplay’s “My Universe” is a space-themed pop song from the Music of the Spheres album. The song features a collaboration with South Korean boy band BTS and was released on 24 September 2021. The song features English and Korean vocals and marks the first collaboration between Coldplay and BTS. The song’s title refers to the planet Epiphany in The Sphere’s solar system.

The music video and song have a vast concept: a relationship that transcends all borders. The collaboration is unique in that it brings together bands from around the world, from Korea to the United States. BTS has a history of performing in other languages, and three of its most recent singles were released in English. The music video also features Korean-language elements.

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